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Isla Margarita Travel Guide

Getting to Isla Margarita

This beautiful island can be visited either by a sea route or by an air route.

By Air
There are an important number of airlines that offer flights toward the island, all of these flights arrive to the Santiago Mariño the Caribbean International airport, one of the best of Caribbean airports. To this island arrive lots of flights which come from different parts in the world, however if in your country are not available direct flights to Margarita island, so, there is the possibility of going first to Caracas and from there to take a flight to the island.
From Caracas, the flight lasts approximately thirty (30) minutes. The price of the tickets by air depends on the demand in the trip moment, these, use to be cheaper from Monday to Thursday and more expensive during the weekends.

By Sea
Another way to arrive to the island is for the seaway, there are several services that to set sail from the coastal cities of Cumaná, La Cruz harbor and recently form Caracas.
Depending on the kind of boat that is chosen the duration of the trip varies as well as the price, for example if a slow ferry is chosen, also called traditional, the trip last for about four hours and cost is approximately twenty dollars from La Cruz harbor. If you choose the fast option, in a much more modern ship, the trip uses to last 2 hours and the round trip costs about forty dollars.

Getting to the island is not difficult at all and it is definitely worth it to visit "The pearl island"., in addition to be very beautiful, it offers to us the possibility of visiting from there all the vast tourist destinations collection that Venezuela offers.

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