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Isla Margarita Travel Guide

Getting around Isla Margarita

You can get around the island only by taking a bus or a taxi.

By bus:
Public transportation goes everywhere in the island to a really moderate cost. The buses are really cheap, they cost approximately 40 cents.
The bus stations are located around Plaza Bolívar de Porlamar and they offer routes to Juan Griego, Macanao, Aeropuerto, Manzanillo (Playa El Agua), Pampatar, etc. In spite of being the most known mean of transportation in the island, is better to choose another alternative if you are in a hurry because most of the drivers do not respect the stops and they stop every time a passenger asks him to get off the bus, this, evidently causes delays in the general traffic.

By Taxi:
You can find many taxis around the city to a very economic price. However these they do not have taximeter, so, it means that you previously must agree on the price, you must be careful on doing this because they most of the taxi drivers don't speak English at all.

Rent a Car:
It is possible to rent a car in the island; you can rent one in the airport. The prices are similar to rent a car Europe or maybe cheaper. Remember, if you drive by your own, be sure to know previously the city because it doesn't have enough traffic signals.

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