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Insurance in Venezuela

Insurance in Venezuela Insurance companies in Venezuela offer innovative services and a personalized treatment to their clients which are given by qualified workers who are compromised with their jobs. The rendered services by insurance companies have different cost levels and they can be classified in the following manner:

Collective insurances

They are plans of protection designed to protect groups of employees and their direct relatives. In Venezuela normally are offered the following collective insurances:

  • Health.
  • Life.
  • Funerary expenses.
  • Personal accidents.
  • Student insurance.
  • Small and medium enterprise insurance.
  • Voluntary life and complementary.

Individual insurances

These are personal protective plans, their benefits are the source of quietness and safety: We can mention among these kind of insurance:
  • Health, Life.
  • Individual policy of personal accidents, hospitalization for illness or accident.
  • Secure education, etc.

Policy for small and medium enterprises

This is specially designed to cover the needs of the small and medium enterprises as well as businesses, these insurances integrate the benefits offered by the collective policies.

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