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Castillo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza

Castillo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza
It is located on the Sucre Street in Cumana city, it is situated near to the Santa Ines church in the historic city center. It is estimated that this stone fortress was built between the years 1669 and 1673 under the government of the major sergeant Sancho Fernández de Angulo y Sandoval, governor and general captain of the province of New Andalusia, it was built around the last third part of the seventeenth century. Later in the year 1681, the governor Don Juan de Padilla Guardiola added to the building a drawbridge and increased the artillery pieces for a better and safer defense of the city.

This fort served as resistance to the governors that were sent by the Spanish crown. However, the earthquakes of 1797 and 1799 almost completely destroyed all the buildings of the city, including El Castillo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza, this situation made it impossible to continue being used by the governors. Once repaired, it was used as quarters until 1797, this year another earthquake caused severe damage to the fortress, destroying it entirely.

In 1853 another earthquake destroyed much of the castle and was abandoned as a fort, leaving the "Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia" as the unique defensive system. At the present its structure is in ruins.

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