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Santa Inés Church

Santa Inés Church
The Santa Inés church is one of the most beautiful in Cumaná, located at the foot of the hill where the famous castle is located in the current Sucre Street, in the historical center of the city. It was officially inaugurated in 1866 under the mandate of the governor of New Andalusia State, Antonio Russian.

Its construction was completed over the years culminating in 1907. It preserves inside remembered relics that are often visited by the people in Cumaná such as the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the image of "Nuestra Señora del Carmen", among others. In this church was baptized the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre.

This temple has been renovated several times, but after the earthquake of 1929 which caused it severe damage, the church was completely reconstructed.

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