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Cumana Gastronomy

The main market of this city is very colorful and full of pleasant aromas, has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, coconuts, "lechozas", pineapples, etc. You can also find various types of fish, including the grouper, tuna, "pargo", sierra, etc. as well as a variety of seafood such as squid, prawns, shrimps, and "pepitonas". Some of the typical dishes of the city are the following:

• Casabe: It comes from an indigenous word of the Caribbean, it is a cake which can measure up to 1 meter in diameter.
• Cachapa: It is a tortilla made of corn, it is sweet and yellow.
• Empanada: It is similar to a tortilla. It is made of corn and wheat flour, it is usually filled with cheese, meat or fish.
• Arepa: it is the Venezuelan bread, made of cornmeal.
• Sancocho de pescado: It is the typical dish of Sucre State; it is made of fish, legumes and vegetables.
• Papelón con limón: It is the typical drink of Sucre state; it's usually served in earthenware pots. It is a very refreshing drink made of sugar cane, melasa, lemon, water and ice.

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