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Cumana City

It is situated at the mouth of the Manzanares River, is the oldest city in Venezuela and South America, and is also the capital of Sucre state. The city has the honor of being the first city in America, founded by the Spaniards in the year 1521. Its name in the language of its inhabitants, the "cumanagotos", means the union of sea and river.

Despite being an ancient city, there are hardly a few colonial buildings. It is a very flat city, but is dominated by a hill which offers a splendid panorama of the city because it is located there the Castle, a seventeenth-century fortress built to protect the town from the pirates, from this building can be seen the entire city and the sea. The design of this building consists of four corners, each one directed to a cardinal point, the building is connected to the city through passageways and tunnels.

CumanŠ was the birthplace of Antonio Josť de Sucre, one of the most illustrious people in Venezuela, who helped to consolidate the independence of the Bolivarian America after winning victor at the battle of Ayacucho, he also achieved to be the first president of Bolivia.

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