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Convent of San Francisco

Convent of San Francisco
This building has been witness of the cultural history of the Cumana city, is located in the south part of Cumana city, in front of the plaza that has the same name and is the first center of higher education established in the territory of Venezuela.

The friars used their rooms to teach grammar, basic arithmetic and Latin to the Indians in the process of evangelization during the colonial epoch. In this convent worked the first University of Cumana and Latin America, which was created by decree of the Provincial Legislature of 1812, after the independence as the National College of Cumana where were taught theology, law and medicine.

This Franciscan congregation was established in Cumaná in 1514 in order to Christianize the natives, they established 29 missions in the region. The monastery was damaged due to seismic activity in the region, for this reason, nowadays has begun a process of recovery and restoration of this important historical center of Cumana.

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