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Castle of Saint Anthony of the Eminence

It is one of the most precious colonial buildings in Cumaná which is situated on the hill "Pan de Azúcar", from there you can see the whole city and the Cariaco gulf. It was built in the XVII century under the orders of the province governor of "Nueva Andalucía" to protect the city from the pirate incursions. Since then has suffered various damages due to earthquakes, however, is one of the best preserved military buildings.

This important building that protected Cumaná in the past had a star-shaped design with four corners, each of them aimed to a cardinal point; The interior was dominated by a classical style, it has defenses, tunnels and passages, it has thick walls and a powerful artillery. The building was in use until the nineteenth century. It was connected to the city through tunnels and passages.

As many other castles of that time in Venezuelan, it was the prison of important figures such as the hero José Antonio Páez, who was imprisoned between 1849 and 1850 under the orders of then President General José Tadeo Monagas. Also was imprisoned in its punishment cells, José Tadeo Monagas.

In 1929 an earthquake caused serious damage to the castle, then, and on several other occasions the castle has been restored. In 1965 it was declared a National Historic Monument and today it receives many visitors.

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