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The city itself is a port on the Cariaco gulf, which has modern facilities for loading and unloading. It is located near the mouth of the Manzanares River, in the northeastern region of Venezuela. It is the capital of Sucre state and is known as the first city in the American Continent. It has a great historical significance because it was one of the first permanent European settlements in South America.

It was the first city founded on land by the Spaniards in America in the year 1521. It has a great diversity in culture and history and it still preserves the fortresses, monasteries, castles and churches which are witnesses of the history of this beautiful state. Christopher Columbus called it as "Tierra de gracia" (land of grace) due to its crystalline waters and the greenery of the flora, the founding of this city was the starting point for the discovery of Venezuela and the rest of the American continent.

The city of Cumana is full of beautiful scenery and has several beautiful and calm waters beaches such as Playa Colorada, Araya Peninsula, Bahia de Mochima, among others. Its weather is warm and there are sunny days often, ideal for the enjoyment of its visitors.

The city has important historical monuments of colonial architecture such as the "Castillo San Antonio de la Eminencia", the church "Santa InÚs" and the San Francisco convent. Its museums, the nightlife, cultural activities, beautiful landscapes, its delicious gastronomy and its kind people are other attractions that this city offers to the visitors.

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