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The City of Ciudad Guayana

It is a city and river port of the Venezuelan state called Bolivar, it is divided by Puerto Ordaz and San Felix, and the union of these two areas are known as "Ciudad Guayana", in the same manner, in this city occurs the union of the rivers Caroni and Orinoco, creating an area called Caronoco.

Its history, diverse industries, landscapes, its people and its modern buildings make of this city one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Venezuela and should be seriously considered during your visit to Venezuela. The city was designed by Venezuelan and American town planners and contrasts the modernity with a mix of forest and nature which are privileged by its parks, nature reserves, etc.

It offers to the hundreds of tourists who arrive to this city several alternatives for the practice of cultural tourism and ecotourism due to the magnifies natural environment that surrounds it, as well as the practice of the agro-tourism, in which a farmer receives his guests and taught them his profession and the authentic life of the country.

Among the most beautiful attractions in the city we must mention the parks "Cachamay" and "La Llovizna" where you can enjoy the impressive waterfalls, impressive cascades as well as colorful vegetation. Furthermore, you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes, architecture, gastronomy, urban culture, handicraft, etc.

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