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Best of Ciudad Guayana

Ciudad Guayana is undoubtedly a paradise for its visitors, among its main attractions we mention the following:

Cachamay Park Cachamay Park
This park is located on Guayana Avenue, is the natural scenery of the inferior waterfalls of the Caroni river, which is complemented by the work of man.

Loefling Park Loefling Park
This park is located in the Guayana Avenue in the western sector of the city, on the left side of the Rio Caroni. It was named that way in commemoration of the great Swedish botanist Pedro Loefling.

Industrial Zone Industrial Zone
The most prominent companies located in this area are "Ferrominera del Orinoco" and "Sidor y Alcasa", which process iron to make steel and bauxite to make aluminum.

Ferrominera Pier Ferrominera Pier
Ferrominera Pier is located in front of the mouth of the Caroni River, in this pier are loaded the ships with the iron that come from Cerro Bolivar by means of trains which then are taken to different markets around the world.

Misión de la Purísima Concepción del Caroní Misión de la Purísima Concepción del Caroní
It is located in the via Pao-San Felix, it was founded in the eighteenth century with the name "Purísima Concepción de Suay " by the Catalans Capuchin friars.

La Fundación Park La Fundación Park
It is located between the Gumilla Avenue and Centurion Avenue, here is where the stone that represents the seventh foundation of Santo Tomé of Guayana is located.

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