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Ciudad Guayana

This city is located in the Bolivar State; it is also the capital of the Caroní municipality. It is a city and a river port located at the confluence of the Caroni and the Orinoco river, has a population about one million of inhabitants in its metropolitan area.

The union of this city with San Félix city and the industrial zone was the result of Ciudad Guayana in 1961 and its construction took place in 1952. At that time, it was the administrative base of the Orinoco Mining Company and was located at the confluence of the Caroni and Orinoco rivers in order to take advantage of the beauty of the jumps and abundance of the Caroní River.

It is the sixth largest city in Venezuela and the second planned city in all Latin America, and today is one of the biggest and most modern cities of this country. It is the home of important companies which are dedicated to the exploration and production of iron, aluminum and gold, it also lodges the major electricity company in the Venezuela.

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