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Museo de Bellas Artes

Museo de Bellas Artes
The Bellas Artes Museum was opened on February 20, 1938 and is the oldest art museum in Venezuela, and is located adjoining the National Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Nacional).

The museum has five floors that host permanent expositions and there are six halls designate to temporal expositions, either nationals as foreigners.

The collections are grouped in six categories, European arts, contemporaneous arts, Chinese, Egypt, Latin American and cubism giving to the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the art from the millenary Egypt with works that dates back from 2,400 BC, through the artistic expressions of cubism of the XX century, until the modern artistic concepts.

It hosts an especial section called “Obras sobre papel” which includes over 600 draws of prominent artists from XVI to XVIII century, works of the European expressionism of Eugène Biel-Bienne, nib outlines of the old Caracas created by Camille Pissarro, and some works from contemporaneous artists.

The Bellas Artes Museum also counts with a full art library, an audiovisual room and a documentation center.

Address:Plaza de los Museos, Paseo Los Caobos, Bellas Artes. Next to Ateneo de Caracas.
Phone: +58 (212) 578 1816 / 571 3045 / 573 5035.
Metro Station: Bellas Artes

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