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Casa Amarilla

Casa Amarilla
This imposing neoclassic structure dates back to the XVII century and was originally the seat of the Capitanía General and the Royal Prison in colonial times. Today is still possible to find remains of fetters, iron bars and chains at the basement’s dungeons.

This place was scenario of the first Venezuelan independence movement, April, 19 of 1810. In the republican period it was the seat of the Consejo Eclesíastico de Caracas (the Ecclesiastic council) and also the Government’s house.

In 1912 the Yellow House (Casa Amarilla) was declared as the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It boats a fine architecture, with works of religious character, portraits and illustrious citizens’ sculptures of the independence, fine furniture from XVII and XVIII, maps, etc.

Address: Main Corner, Plaza Bolívar's west
Phone: +58 212 806 1111

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