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Caracas, often described as a concrete jungle, located in a long valley of the same name which is surrounded by the Coastal Mountains and El Ávila is the most important and the administrative city of Venezuela. It was founded in 25 July of 1567 by Diego de Losada.

The city has experimented a big industrial development over the last 40 years which has determined a notable demographic increment. Now the city presents a dense urban fabric, with scores of skyscrapers.

This progressive and cosmopolitan city has about four centuries of history under its glass and concrete monuments built by the oil fueled affluence. There are a few remains of its colonial past that were restored as the red roof houses (Casas de techos rojos) in La Pastora, La Quinta de Anauco, la Casa del Libertador, etc.

Caracas is a model of big contrasts. It presents a dynamic, commercial, financial and industrial environment offering a wide number of cultural activities, boats excellent cultural centers, theaters, world-class museums, eclectic cuisine, modern shopping centers and more. And in contrast Caracas boats a natural exuberance that pleasantly contrasts with the urban fabric, El Avila is a natural milestone that every visitor has to visit.

But, as many other parts in the world, Caracas have its grittier side, but maybe more here is more predominant. The increment of the crime and the social disturbances has provoked a bad international impression about the city. In addition the traffic is terrible especially in peak hours, and the pollution that is a problem.

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