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Venezuela Travel Guide

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The Gran Sabana The Gran Sabana
The Gran Sabana is one of the world's oldest geological formations, comprised of concentrations of ancient rocks, generally metamorphic, formed out of blocks of granite.

Angel Falls - Venezuela Angel Falls
The Angel Falls is one of the most stirring natural wonders of the world and there is no doubt of who visits so majestic natural spectacle gets marveled by its beauty.

The Angel Falls also known as Churun Merú or Kerepakupai merú by the natives or simply in Spanish Salto Angel is the world's highest waterfall and is located in the Canaima National Park, in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State.

Los Llanos - Venezuela Los Llanos
Los Llanos is one of the most beautiful regions in Venezuela, comprised by a vast range of plains where only the horizon stops your sigh is Venezuela's greatest repository of wildlife, you can find more than 320 bird species (includes ibis, herons, cormorants, egrets, jacanas, gallinules and darters) and more than 50 mammals (includes the capybara, the worlds largest rodent, armadillos, peccaries, opossums, tapirs, ocelots).

Canaima National Park Canaima National Park
Canaima National Park is located in the south-east of Venezuela in Bolívar State close to the borders with Brazil and Guayana and comprises an extension of 3,000,000ha of spectacular scenery with vertical walls carved by the erosion of millions of years, and vast natural resources.

Venzuelan Andes Los Andes
Despite of being a tropical country Venezuela thanks to the presence of the Andean mountain range has wide variety of climates and landscapes offering extraordinary views. Venezuela’s Andes are located in the central-west portion of the country and encompass the states of Merida, Tachira and Trujillo.

Margarita Island Margarita Island
Margarita Island known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean" is a tropical Caribbean island paradise located off the north shore of Venezuela. It boats tremendous climate, excellent scuba diving, completely gorgeous and virgin beaches, and the perfect conditions for windsurfing and other water sports.

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