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Barquisimeto Travel Guide

Getting around Barquisimeto

There are various means of transport that you can use in order to get around the city such as the buses and taxis are already known. There are other services such as the Macuto forest foundation; this is a free service that runs from the Plaza Bolivar to the Macuto Forest Park and vice versa.

Similarly, the city is getting ready to build a mass transport system called "Trolebus" that will mobilize an average of 170,000 people per day. This system would have 80 units and will travel 30 KM along the metropolitan area of Barquisimeto.

The international airport "Jacinto Lara", is the main airport of the center west of Venezuela , by this airport pass around 25 thousand passengers that travel to cities such as Caracas, Maracaibo, Merida, San Antonio and Valencia. All the facilities the airport offers allow to located diverse public services such as banks, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, rental cars, taxis and Communications Center, among other services. All of these services are oriented to provide a better service to passengers that arrive to the city.

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