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This city was founded in 1552 by Juan de Villegas, originally was named "Nueva Segovia Barquisimeto" and was created as an operations control center. It was believed that the city was rich in gold, at the end of the nineteenth century the city had only nine longitudinal streets and 13 side streets.

In just eleven years the city moved frequently from place to place due to various factors, and then it was definitely established on a fresh plateau situated 564 meters above sea level.

It was established in 1552 near the Buri River, but then, it moved in 1556 because of frequent floodings suffered by its residents. The second time was in the river valley Turbio; the city remained in this place until it was burned in 1561 by the tyrant Lope de Aguirre. Then it was built 102 kilometers above, but in 1562 had to move again due to strong winds blowing across the site. Finally, the city was finally established in 1563 in the high lands located at the north of the Turbio River.

Once this city was established it started to truly develop as a city. It was subsequently part of a modernization program that was an initiative of General Eustoquio Gomez. In this years they were remodeled its streets and avenues and were constructed several buildings, among them we can mention the Jacinto Lara barracks, the Government Palace, the Ayacucho Park as well as other parks, roads, a modern airport, etc.

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