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The City of Barquisimeto

The city of Barquisimeto is the capital of Lara state, is located in the western center of Venezuela, near to the Turbio River. It is known as the "Ciudad de los crepúsculos" (city of the twilight), for the beautiful sunsets that adorn its sunsets. It is also known as the "Musical Capital of Venezuela" because of the many musicians who live in this area as well as its musical tradition and the diverse cultural expressions they cultivate.

Geographically speaking it is considered as the best city located in Venezuela, because it is located close to the most important cities. Its importance is that it is the central point of communications, industries and agriculture in the central west of Venezuela, at the same time; it is the convergence point for several of the main roads and railways in the country.

It is one of the most important cities in Venezuela, due to its huge industrial, economic and cultural progress. Barquisimeto is a big city where you can find all kinds of comforts, but, at the same time it has all the characteristics of an agricultural and stockbreeding capital.

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