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Barquisimeto Travel Guide


Barquisimeto is the fifth most populated city in Venezuela, is known as the "Ciudad de los Crepúsculos"(City of twilight) because of its beautiful sunsets and is also known as the "Musical capital of Venezuela" due to its ample musical tradition.

The city has preserved the charm of its customs and its traditions over the years in despite of its evolution, which has changed the physical appearance of the city. These two faces of Barquisimeto, one traditional and the other modern, have been able to coexist forming a special landscape which combines traditional features such as the natural beauty around it, places that are full of history and folk manifestations with the modern attractions of the city.

One of these traditions that has been preserved in the city are the festivities of "Divina Pastora", the patron saint of the city, which are celebrated in January. This procession is very well known both nationally and internationally, and it is one of the biggest in Latin America because it congregates approximately half million of people. On the other hand it is the modern aspect of the city which presents many alternatives in terms of recreation, such as shopping malls, nightclubs, discotheques, restaurants, etc.

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