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Margarita Island

Margarita Island known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean" is a tropical Caribbean island paradise located off the north shore of Venezuela. It boats tremendous climate, excellent scuba diving, completely gorgeous and virgin beaches, and the perfect conditions for windsurfing and other water sports.

Margarita is well known for the quality of its white beaches which fells away towards the turquoise-green water, but also boats a dramatic architecture comprised by Castles, churches of Hispanic and modern times.

At Margarita you can find beaches for any taste from large beaches to small, with or without waves, large or small, crowded or not, deep or not, cold or warm, windy or not. There are at least 50 unique and magnificent margarita beaches which are scattered along a 106 miles of coastline.

Undoubtedly one of Margarita's best attractions is the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park. La Restinga located in the small piece of land connecting the Macanao Peninsula and east Margarita Island in the state of Nueva Esparta is a gorgeous national park consisting of an amazing mangrove forest, water channels and lagoons.

La Restinga has three main ecosystems: a shallow coastal lagoon, a low energy beach marine zone, and a semi-desert region dominated by xeric vegetation. There are four main types of mangrove species in the lagoon. The mangrove clam (Crassostrea rhizophorae) lives among their roots. The park's xeric zone is home to two endemic species: Margarita's cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus margaritae) and the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus margaritae). The ocelot (Felis pardalis) is the island's only top predator and can also be found in the xeric zone. Of the 107 bird species found in the park, two are endangered; Margarita's blue-crowned parakeet (Aratinga acuticaudata neoxena) which is endemic to the park, and the yellow-shouldered Amazon (Amazona barbadensis). Four endangered sea turtles nest on park beaches.

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