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Venezuela Travel Guide

Los Andes

Despite of being a tropical country Venezuela thanks to the presence of the Andean mountain range has wide variety of climates and landscapes offering extraordinary views. Venezuela’s Andes are located in the central-west portion of the country and encompass the states of Merida, Tachira and Trujillo.

The Venezuelan Andes are characterized for its cold weather, its friendly people, its gastronomy, incredible landscapes y for historic places and traditions that have been conserved through generations.

The foothills’ cool, misty forests support an amazing array of diverse bird and plantlife where orchids, bromeliads and heliconias provide habitat for hummingbirds and the beautiful Andean cock-of -the-rock bird.

At higher altitudes, unusual fauna, cirques and moraines predominant in glacial landscapes dominate semi-desertlike paramo. In between, the Andes are laced with icy rivers, streams and trout laden lakes, carpeted in lush valleys of evergreen and deciduous forest and graceful alpine meadows the area and climate are perfect for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, hang gliding or horseback riding.

The Sierra Nevada National Park it is the only place in the country that has snow-covered peaks throughout the year. The highest Venezuelan summits are found here: Bolivar Peak (5,007 m), Humboldt (4,920 m), Bonpland (4,942 m), La Concha (4,920 m), El Toro (4,755 m) and El Leon (4,740 m). It is a natural area of exceptional beauty, ideal for excursions and mountain sports and the setting off point for Los Pueblos Trek and Los Nevados Trek.

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