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Getting to Angel Falls

To go to the Angel Falls, it is necessary to arrive to Canaima either by plane or by helicopter. A good way to save money is to go by bus from Caracas, takes about 8 hours to get to Bolivar city from Caracas. You can go to the Angel Falls by different means:

If you decide to travel by air, you must choose between a small plane or an helicopter to be able to visit the zone called Auyantepuy, flying through the "Devil's Canyon", where the waterfall is located. There are only five cities in Venezuela that have regular flights to Canaima. Commercial flights departing from cities such as Caracas and Canaima.

If you decide to travel by water, you must start from the Ucaima port and going for about 3 hours over the rivers Carrao and Churun, and then you arrive to the Angel Falls viewpoint, from this point must walk by an hour in order to reach to the waterfall.

Finally, if you want to have a more adventurous experience the you must choice the trip by land, you will be able to camp at the Canaima Park. In order to do that you must have a good physical condition because the trip takes several hours.

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