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Angel Falls Weather

Angel Falls is located in the equatorial tropics, as a result temperatures are higher and the climate is generally wet. This also means that mosquitoes and Jejenes (small flies with bites) are more abundant. The best time to travel to the Angel Falls is a complicated question because there are many factors that can improve or worsen the experience of viewing the falls, because the weather is fickle.

The "wet" season is typically from June to November, under these conditions, obviously, the Angel Falls tends to have the greatest flow. In this season a veil of cloud due to the rain covers Auyantepuy, it causes that flights over Angel Falls are not very common due to the low visibility of this area. On the other hand, if you decide to make a trip across the river, is more likely that the trip is more peaceful, due to volume of the rivers produces fewer exposed rocks.

The "dry" season is usually from January to May. During this time, the rain is less frequent and the Angel Falls has a light flow, of course, the level of the river low, resulting that the travel over the river becomes slower or even impossible. Flights over the area are much more feasible because the cloud cover is less common and therefore the visibility is much better.

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