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Angel Falls Overview

Indians revere as the home of their god Churruvena because, as they call it, descends of the paradise. It is in the state of Bolivar, southeast of Venezuela, in the Canaima National Park, the sixth largest worldwide. Vegetation and fauna of the Park are the oldest in the world, and mineral deposits include gold and diamonds.

The Angel Fall shares protagonism with the impressive Tepuyes, enormous towers of sandstone formed by erosion over 180 million years. The highest is the Auyantepuy, or mountain of hell, with 2560 meters.

Angel Falls is the main tourist sites of Canaima National Park and most attractive for tourism businesses, offering various tours both in plane as in boat. Flights to Angel Falls are made through small aircraft belonging to small airlines, which are based mainly in Bolivar city. The pilots fly two or three times the front of the falls circle and then return to the airport.

The boat trip is a memorable experience, as equally or more exciting as the tours in the plane, allowing tourists to see the waterfall from a different perspective and most important, to their convenience. These boat excursions operate only from June to December or January, leaving from Ucaima.

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