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Angel Falls History

The American pilot named Jimmy Angel (1899-1056) made numerous flights by their own risk, one of them and accompanied by a Technical Sergeant named Garcia, they were flying over the Auyantepuy hill, which was the region that most attracted to him, they observed for the first time the waterfall that today has his name: Angel Falls, they were impressed by his height.

In October 1937, Jimmy was in this area locking for gold, and had to unexpectedly land the plane at the top of the plateau Auyantepui, the American pilot with his wife Maria, Miguel Delgado and Gustavo Heny, conducted aboard the "Flamingo" (NC-9487) the famous landing that marked the history of aviation in Venezuela, and it was then when the area became famous.

The discovery was commented once he came back, later the measure of the waterfalls was corroborated by other people, including Mr. Shorty Martin, a geologist and topographer who was making explorations and maps surveys in the area, he had become a good friend of Jimmy because they previously met at the Kamarata camp in Bolivar State.

Shorty Martin and Jimmy decided to make a map of Auyantepuy, for that reason they flew over the border of the hill making annotations according to the direction, speed and altitude. Taking a look at the altimeter of the airplane, they noticed that the falls were nearly 1 Km high, which made it the largest in the world. This was confirmed years later by an expedition, when it was measured accurately.

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