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Angel Falls Excursion

The trip begins in the morning from Ucaima Port, located upstream of the Canaima lagoon, on the Carrao river. The trip is initiated upstream, from where you can see the 3 tepuyes: the Tepuy-Nonoy (Zamuro) on the left, the Kuravaina Tepuy (Venado) on the right and the Topochi-Tepuy (Cerbatana) in the middle. Finally, we arrive to Auyantepuy, the tepuy where begins the Angel Falls, we can observe here the first waterfalls, which are impressive for their height of hundreds of meters.

Almost in all trips to Angel Falls, people make a stop in a camp, usually at Canaima camp on the Orquídea Island. We go along the tour over the Churun river, which is fed by the waters of Angel Falls to finally see a profile of the falls. Finally we arrived at Raton Island, and in front of it, we landed excited and impressed by the water reddish color due to the abundance of minerals.

We began our trip through the jungle in order to reach to the base of the Angel Falls, we cross several streams of red water, walking on the rocks, the tour is approximately one hour. The first half is fairly flat and the second is a rise. Something that impresses in this trip is the floor formed by rocks and tree roots that not getting enough food in the subsoil, they try to find it in the surface. Finally we arrive the base of Angel Falls, called the viewpoint of the waterfall, where a rain formed by the waterfall wets slightly.

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