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Angel Falls

It is located in the Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, the indigenous culture that inhabited the area Pemón called the cataract as Kerepakupai-Merú which means "falling water to the deepest place". It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venezuela, but getting there is not easy because it is located in a jungle region, it is necessary to fly from the capital Caracas or Bolivar city to Canaima camp, from where they come out trips to the river.

The angel's fall is the world's highest waterfall, with 978 meters in length and 807 of uninterrupted fall from the top of the Auyantepui to 2580 m. above sea level, it is located in the western sector of the park and is the most famous tepuy of Venezuela (a tepuy is a mountain with flat vertical walls) from which arises the slope of the Angel Falls, which is the product of Churun river.

It is considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1994 and also is considered as the biggest park in the world because it has an area of 30,000 square kilometers reaching the border with Brazil.

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